Code of Ordinances

City of Sanger Code of Ordinances is updated annually and codified by Franklin Legal Publishing - view the code of ordinances online on Franklin Legal Publishing's website. Ordinances through Ordinance Number 08-21-22 are included in the Code of Ordinances. Recently approved ordinances not yet incorporated into the Code of Ordinances are listed below.

Ordinance 08-20-22 - Amending Chapter 12 Special Speed Zone (PDF)

Ordinance 08-21-22  - Amending Chapter 14 Quick Service Food and Beverage by Right (PDF)

Ordinance 09-26-22 - Future Land Use Amendment 99.986 Acres Sanger Industrial (PDF)

Ordinance 09-27-22 - Rezoning 99.986 acres Agricultural to Industrial Sanger Industrial (PDF)

Ordinance 12-31-22 - Approving a Special Use Permit for a Farmers Market (PDF)

Ordinance 12-32-22 - Rezoning 131.82 Acres from Agricultural to Planned Development (PDF)

Ordinance 02-02-23 - Rezoning 503 S 2nd Street Business B-1 to Single Family SF-10 (PDF)