Animal Control

The City of Sanger currently contracts with All American Dogs, a private entity, to provide Sanger citizens with animal patrol and emergency response services. The City of Sanger and All American Dogs are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and providing outstanding animal health and welfare services.

If you have an animal control question or problem, including lost or found pets, please visit their website. To check if your lost pet has been picked up by Animal Control, please call 972-382-3647.

About All American Dogs

All American Dogs was founded in 2007 on the principles of customer service, safety, integrity, animal welfare, and common sense. Located in Pilot Point, All American Dogs has a high success rate, with more than 50% of impounded animals returned to their owners and 95% of unclaimed domestic animals being adopted or transferred to a rescue.  

Animal Care Services Provide

Response to routine service calls between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

ONLY EMERGENCY SERVICE CALLS will be provided after these hours and on the weekends. 

Examples of Emergency Service Calls
include (a) an injured domestic animal when the owner is not known or present, (b) a domestic animal biting a human when the owner is not known or present, or (c) a domestic animal that has or is showing aggressive or dangerous tendencies (for instance, the animal is rabid). Examples of routine service calls include (1) a cat in a tree, (2) a deceased animal, (3) an animal running at large, or (4) finding a stray animal.

Recently Found Animals

Pictures and descriptions of recently found animals can be viewed on the All American Dogs Recently Found Pets Facebook page. If you do not have Facebook, call (972) 382-DOGS [3647].

Register Your Pet

Any pet registration questions should be directed to the Sanger Police Department at or (940) 458-7444.

Animal Care Ordinances

All regulations (ordinances) may be found online by clicking the following link - Animal Control Ordinance.