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Code of Ordinances

City of Sanger Code of Ordinances is updated annually and codified by Franklin Legal Publishing and is available online here.   Ordinances through ORD 04-12-19  are included in the Code of Ordinances.  Recently approved ordinances not yet incorporated in to the Code of Ordinances are listed below. 

Click on the Ordinance Number  to View Individual Ordinances From 2010 through Current
Specific Use Permit for a Quick Service Food and Beverage Shop at 400 Locust Street
Rezone the properties located at 5001 & 5003 & 5005 & 5009 & 5011 Sanger Circle Drive from 2F Two Family Residential to PD-SFA Planned Development District.
Rezone the property located at 904 South 5th Street from B-1 Business District to PD-B-1 Business District
Rezone the property at the NEC of Third Street and Plum Street from MF-1 Multi-Family Residential District to MF-2 Multi-Family District.
Amending Zoning Map to rezone the property located at the northwest corner of Third Street and Plum Street from MF-1 Multi-Family Residential District to MF-2 Multi-Family Residential District
Ordinance Ordering a General Election to be held Jointly with other Denton County Political Subdivision for the purpose of Electing a Mayor and two City Council Members.
Order of Election – May 7, 2016
Notice of General Election – May 7, 2016
Ordinance requiring visible grounding of residential electric meter bases
Amending Article 4.000 Appendix A “Fee Schedule” Utility Related Fees
Ordering Issuance of General Obligation Bonds
Drought Contingency Plan
Rezone 499 West Chapman Drive From I-1 to B-2 (Sportsman)
ORD# 06-12-16
Residential Zoning Districts – NOT PASSED
Special Speed Zones – Tejas,, Santa Fe, Goodnight and Wichita Trail – 25 MPH
New Residential Zoning Districts
Road Impact Fees – Establishing procedures for the assessment, collection, computation, expenditure, refund and general administration of Roadway Impact Fees.
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Guidelines for Commercial Filming in the City of Sanger – Establishing a Commercial Filming Application and Permit
Changing the name of Branding Iron Drive to Sanger Circle Drive
Amending the Zoning Ordinance Section 24 B-3 Central Business District, Architectural Review, Design; Major Projects reviewed by Planning and Zoning Commission and Minor projects approved by Director Development Services
Ordinance ordering a General Election to be held jointly with other Denton County Political Subdivisions for the purpose of Electing Three Council Members
Ordinance adopting the 2015 City of Sanger Thoroughfare Plan
Ordinance providing for a Citywide Garage Sale one (1) Saturday in the Spring
Ordinance to Establish a Public Tree Care Ordinances for Trees located upon City owned public property, including streets and right-of-way & Sanger Parks Board as “Tree Advisory Board”
An Ordinance Amending the Official Zoning Map to Rezone Approximately 2.0 Acres of Land at the Southwest Corner of Marion Road and Sanger Circle Drive from B-1 Business District to SF Two Family Residential District
Canvassing the Results of the Election Held for the Purpose of Electing Candidates to the Office of City Council
An Ordinance Abandoning the Right-Of-Way of Windmill Dive South of Sanger Circle Drive
Create new Commercial District for Townhome Residential District and add unlisted uses
Specific Use Permit for an accessory Dwelling Unit in aqn Agricultural District on property located at 804 North Keaton Road
ORD# 07-13-15
Rezoning on Freese Drive (Apartments) - DENIED
Rezone 1 acre of Land at the NWC of 6th ST and FM 455 (901 6th ST) From MF-2 Multi Family Family Residential District to B-1 Business District
Rezone 5.14 Acres located approximately 500 feet West of the Intersection of Sanger Circle Drive and Wagon Wheel Drive Amending the boundary between the 2F Duplex Residential District and the SF-10 Single Family Residential District
Changing the name of a portion of Sanger Circle to Bridle Path Lane
Adopting the Budget providing for the appropriation of funds for operating and capital expenditures for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2015
Levying a Tax Rate for the Fiscal Year 2015-2016
Approving the 2015 Tax Rolls and providing an Effective Date
Abandoning the Right-of-Way of an Alley Between 3rd Street and 5th Street, South of Austin Street
Rezone 220 S. 1st Street from SF-10 Single Family Residential to PD-B-1 Business District
Issuing Certificates of Obligation Series 2015
Special Speed Zones
Health and Sanitation – Place and removal of Containers
Ordinance abandoning the Right-of-Way of Wagon Wheel Drive Between Sanger Circle Drive and villas Drive
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Ordering and Providing Notice of a General Election & Joint Election Agreement
Article 7 Section 7.105 Advertising Ballfield Scoreboards $2000 annually
Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan – Ordinance # 03-03-14
Juvenile Curfew Ordinance – Three Year Review – March 17, 2014
Denied – Rezone Tract 158 Rueben Bebee Survey @ Smith and Railroad from SF-10 to 2F
Establishing Rules and Regulations regrding Sanitation and Pollution Control of the areas in proximity to the City’s public water supply wells
Canvassing the Results of General Election 19th May 2014
Rezone Sanger Circle – Marion Road
SUP Metz Road – Mobile Home – 10 year Limit
Change Street Names – Silver Spur DR to Sanger Circle DR & Stagecoach TR to Lakepark DR
Amend the 2013/14 Budget
Adopting the Budget
Levying a Tax Rate for Fiscal Year 2014-15
Approving Tax Rolls and Providing Effective Date
Specific Use Permit – Quick Service Food and Beverage Shop located at 203 East Chapman Drive
Specific Use Permit – Quick Service Food and Beverage Shop located at 551 North Stemmons
Amending Articles 2.000, 3.000 and 4.000 of the Code of Ordinances – Fee Schedule
Amending Chapter 12: Adding Section 12.610 Traffic and Vehicles – Amending Article 12.900 Off Street Parking -Truck Parking Regulations-Off street Parking – Amending Section 12.901 Weight Limitation to Parking on Public Property and Amending Section 12.9
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Amending the Zoning Ordinance to add Liquior Stores
Ordering and Providing Notice of a General Election
SUP Snow Cone Stand Tract 126 Henry Tierwester Survey(Groc.Store PL)
Approving Budget Amendments for FY 2012-2013
Canvassing the Results of Votes From General Election
Amending Park Ordinance
Amending Fee Schedule – Update (Park Fees)
SUP Quick Service Food and Beverage Shop at 910 West Chapman - DENIED
Rezoning SF-10 to B1 Business District at SWC of 5th ST and Willow St - DENIED
Amending Section 3.21 Regulating Exterior Construction of Residential Dwellings Within the Central Core
Authorizing the Issuance of Combination Tax & Rev. Certs of Oblig. Series 2013
Annexation of Property Tract 51 & 53 Along Union Hill Road FM455 & FM2164
Amending Zoning Ordinance to Rezone Prop. @ sw Corner of 5th & Willow - DENIED
Granting a SUP to Permit Outside Display & Sales – I-35 Frontage
Adopt 2013/2014 Budget
Adopt Ad Valorem Tax Rate 2013/2014
Adopt 2013 Tax Roll
ATMOS Approving a Change in the Rates as a Result of a Settlement
SUP for Single Family Detached Dwellings in a Two Family Residential District at 603 S 2nd Street
Amending Water and Sewer Rate Increases Effective November 1, 2013
Amending Chapter 12, Section 12.603 Parking Prohibited in Certain Places
Amending Chapter 6, Section 6.513 Waste From Tree and Shrub Trimming
Rezoning PD to B2 400 Blk of S. Stemmons on W side of I-35 Between Bolivar and Duck Creek
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High grass and weeds revised maintenance -10 foot easment requirement
Occasional Sales (Garage Sales) Article 4.900
SUP for Taco Bell
Ordering and Providing Notice of a General Election
Ordering issuance of general obligation refunding bonds series 2012 & other matters relating thereto - SEE CITY SECRETARY FOR ORDINANCE
Reinvestment Zone #2 for Commercial and Industrial Tax Abatement (See Resolution 5-5-12 for Gas Dist Ctr)
Canvassing the Results of Votes From General Election
Allowing 4A to undertake 4B projects
Amending the Multi-Family Districts
Amending Speed Limit 12.500
Calling a Special Local Option Liquor Election
Selling a 2 Foot Encroachment at 310 N. 3rd to Bolivar Water
Adopt 2012/2013 Budget
Adopt Ad Valorem Tax Rate 2012/2013
Adopt 2012 Tax Roll
Amending Sign Regulations for Businesses Near Intersection of I-35 & FM 455/Chapman Rd
SUP for Mobile Home in Agricultural Dist at 11754 Metz Road
Rezoning MF-2 Multi-Fam. Dist. To B-2 Business Dist. Ne corner of 10th and Plum
Canvassing the Results of Votes From Special Election Held on 11-06-12
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FEMA – Natl Flood Insurance -3.900 Floodplain Damage Prevention
Ordering and Providing Notice of a General Election May 14, 2011 and Approving Joint Election Agreement and Contract With Denton County for Election Services
Annexation of an area along Union Hill Road into the city
Cancel May 2011 Election
Rezoning on Union Hill Road “A” to “I-1”
Amending Fee Schedule Animal Adoption Fee to $125
Beautification Board- Keep Sanger Beautiful (KSB) Revise Sect.9.01
Payday Loan Zoning Change permitted in B-2 Zoning
AMEND Chapter 14 Sec 25.2 -I-I Zoning – maximum height of 200 feet for radio communication tower-100 feet for all other structures
Fire Prevention – Open Burning
Special Use Permit – Sno Cone stand
Amending Article 1.000, 4.000 and 7.000 fees Utility Related, Park & Rec, Animal Control
Adopt 2011/2012 Budget
Adopt Ad Valorem Tax Rate 2011/2012
Approve 2011 Tax Roll
Taxation of Goods in Transit
Abandoning a portion of 13th Street
Impact Fees
Annexing of property west of IH35 and north of Lois Road
Zoning “A” to “I-1” I-35 and Belz Road
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Solicitation in Streets, Public ROW
Amending Zoning Map – Lot 2 Porter Park 9751 Acres
ORD# 01-03-10
01-03-10 Amending Zoning Section 24 B-3 Central Business District - DENIED
02-04-10 Amending Zoning Ordinance Section 24 B3 Central Business District
ORD# 02-05-10
ORD# 03-06-10
Special Speed Zones – Amending
Cancel Election
Regulating Oil & Gas Ordinance
Golf Cart Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance Update -Changing Zoning Dist Names
Flood Plain Amendment Section 3.905(b) (1)
SUP Quick Service Food & Bev (Oriental Express)
Amend Chapter 6 by adding Article 6.600 Illegal smoking Products – Illegal Possession and sale of synthetic cannabinoid
Update to subdivision ordinance – private streets
Revise Prohibited Parking Ord 06-21-08 adding Sec. (e)
Adopt 2010 Budget 2010-2011
Adopt Ad Valorem Tax Rate 2010-2011
Approve 2010 Tax Roll
Article 4.000 Utility Related Fees
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