Donations & Volunteering


The library accepts donations of books and audiovisual materials in good condition. Not all items donated will be added to the collection, but those not put in the library's collection may be included in the Friends of the Library book sale or sold online to benefit the library. We are unable to return items not selected for the collection, or the boxes/bags/totes used to transport them to the library.

Donation Guidelines

  • We accept walk-in donations of up to four medium size boxes or tote bags.
  • For larger donations, please contact the library at 940-458-3257 to inquire about scheduling a donation time. This allows us to ensure we have space and staff available to receive your donation.
  • The library is notable to accept donations of the following:
    • Large multi-volume sets, such as encyclopedias
    • Magazines and periodicals
    • Damaged items, especially those with water damage
  • The library reserves the right to refuse donations for a variety of reasons, including:
    • Condition
    • Volume of materials being donated
    • Available staff
  • A standard donation form for tax purposes will be provided upon request. We do not give itemized lists or appraisals of the value of items donated.

Donations may be brought into the library during our regular hours. Please do not leave donations in the outside book return: this helps ensure that library materials and donations do not get damaged or mixed up. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


Sanger Public Library greatly appreciates all of our volunteers! There are many volunteer opportunities at Sanger Public Library, ranging from helping with events all the way to helping us process donations and some day-to-day tasks in the library. Volunteering at Sanger Public Library is also a great way for high school or college students to meet volunteerism/service requirements for Honors Society, college applications, or degree requirements. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the library by phone, email, or visit us in person.

Community Service

Sanger Public Library accepts court-appointed community service. The first step to doing community service is to come into the library in person and fill out an application. In most cases, we can let applicants know by the end of the next business day whether we are able to add them to our roster.

Here are a few other important things to know:

  • Sanger Public Library reserves the right to not accept community service applicants for any reason. The two most common reasons are:
    1. The community service is for an offense that the library does not accept
    2. Our community service roster is full
  • Falsifying information on an application (e.g., lying about your offense) is an automatic disqualification from doing community service at Sanger Public Library.
  • We are not able to guarantee a certain number of hours over any period of time; our community service scheduling varies based on the size of our roster and available projects.
  • Community service may be performed during the hours that we are open (Monday through Thursday: 10 am-6 pm, Friday: 10 am-5 pm, Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm). We generally do not schedule anyone on Saturdays until they have been trained during the week.
  • Keeping up with scheduling is your responsibility. If you are on the schedule and need to cancel or reschedule for any reason, we ask that you let us know by phone. Three incidents of "no call, no show" will forfeit your place on our Community Service roster.
  • Failure to follow Sanger Public Library behavior guidelines or to responsibly attend to assigned tasks (e.g., slacking off, getting on the phone) will result in a warning and may result in forfeiture of your place on our community service roster if the issue persists.

For more information or if you have any questions, please call the library at 940-458-3257.