Water Waste Treatment Plant Update - March 2017

After extensive analysis by our consultant we are taking a multi-pronged approach to re-stabilizing the wastewater treatment plant.  He feels that the biggest issue is our inability to waste solids quickly enough.  To that end we are renting and installing a temporary sludge press this week.  We hope to have it in operation by Friday.  The cost of renting the sludge press is $8500 a month and it will be necessary to keep it in operation until the permanent sludge press is in operation as part of the plant expansion. 

Also, this week we will be injecting steroids into the system to boost bacteria reproduction.  Alkalinity is also out of balance and being addressed.  We are also investigating the feasibility of deodorization but do not have enough information yet to make a decision.

We continue to work with our consultant and engineers as we strive to reduce the odor problem and get the plant re-stabilized.