Notice of Public Hearing – Proposed Annexation

Notice is hereby given that on the 17th day of January, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the City Council Chamber of the City Hall (502 Elm Street) of the City of Sanger, Texas, the City Council will hold a public hearing giving all interested persons the right to appear and be heard on the proposed annexation by the City of Sanger, Texas of the following described properties, to-wit:

297185 A0029a R. Beebe, Tr 70a, 1. Acres
331061 A0029a R. Beebe, Tr 70b, 1.68 Acres
336691 A0029a R. Beebe, Tr 70c, 2. Acres
59968 A0029a R. Beebe, tr 39, 82.355 Acres, Old Dcad Sht 1, Tr 18
60102 A0029a R. Beebe, Tr 70(pt), 10.51 Acres, Old Dcad Sht. 3, Tr 39
653335 A0029a R. Beebe, Tr 70(hs), 3.46 Acres, Old Dcad Sht 3, Tr 39
686295 A0029a R. Beebe, Tr 70d, 1.35 Acres

All interested citizens and property owners are hereby notified of their right to appear and be heard on the matter.

Cheryl Price

City Secretary, City of Sanger