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News from Sanger Texas!
Storm Cleanup UPDATE
With this past weekends storm damage our crews are working diligently to stay on top on limb and brush removal. We are asking for your patience as we work the town as well as placing limbs and brush as neatly as possible to help us get it chipped as quickly as possible.

Crews will be out in town each day for the next few weeks so please excuse the traffic interruptions and noise these may create as we clean up. We will do our best each day to let you know what area they will be in.

Below is our tree limb ordinance just for your records. Please remember that during this storm clean up some of these will be disregarded (such as the time limit on chipping). Always remember you can get your address on our limb list (year round) by submitting a request through our Sanger Solutions App (available on Google Play or the App Store). You can also register online through our website

The City of Sanger Parks and Recreation Department offers free chipping of tree limbs. Limbs are *usually* chipped on Wednesday's and you must be on the chipping list to be picked up. (Chipping is weather and time dependent.)
There are TWO ways to get on the list: The first and most preferred is to sign up for our FREE app "Sanger Solutions" and the second is by calling into 940-458-2059.

Guidelines for tree service can be found at:

A few rules regarding tree chipping:
Customers currently paying for garbage pickup service are entitled to free tree and brush pickup with the following limitations. This service is intended for the removal of normal pruning and disposal of downed limbs. This service is not intended for the disposal of trees and brush removed for construction. If a professional contractor is hired, all limbs and brush shall be disposed of by the contractor. Only two orders per month will be processed per address. Large volumes of material will be charged an additional fee.

The limitations are:
(1) Limbs and brush must be cut in manageable lengths and placed by the roadside. Do not place limbs and brush in the street. Limbs shall be placed with the cut section toward the street. Limbs over one inch in diameter must be cut from the main branch. No limbs over eight inches in diameter can be chipped.

(2) Only limbs and brush from the property owners own property will be picked up. Limbs on trailers will not be picked up.

(3) Stumps must be cut in sections weighing less than fifty pounds and placed by the roadside.

(4) Crews are only allowed thirty minutes per job. If the job exceeds thirty minutes, the customer will be notified and arrangements made to finish the job at a later date. Cost of removal after thirty minutes will be thirty dollars ($30.00) for the next thirty minutes and fifteen dollars ($15.00) for each succeeding fifteen minutes.

(5) Vines, leaves, garden plants, small bushes and grass shall be bagged and placed for pickup with your household trash.

(6) Special arrangements must be made to pick up limbs over eight inches in diameter and stumps and roots over fifty pounds. The charge for picking up these items shall be a minimum of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) for the first thirty minutes and seventy-five dollars ($75.00) for each following thirty-minute interval.

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